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New insights on Biobanks

With recent technological advances, the potential to open up existing collections for new uses is starting to be realized, but also new biobanks are being established.

The book has been planned with the aim to present and describe different and new type of biobanks considering scientific and ethical aspects connected with their everyday work and it represents a heterogeneous collection of contributions written by researchers involved in biobanking, emblematic of the soul of this topic that collects different competences, interests and proposals, but that also shows how this aspect of bio-medicine is oriented in a new way of doing science.

The aim of this book is also to belong as one of the contributors of scientific information and ethical education, to ensure that researchers involved in biobanks are aware of their ethical responsibilities, and that donors are better equipped with an ethical understanding of donation significance.


Luciana Caenazzo is Professor of Legal Medicine and Bioethics at the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua. A forensic scientist by training, her research focuses on ethical questions of genetics, forensic genetics and justice, clinical ethics, ethical and legal aspects of biobanks which she has explored in a number of different contexts. Her research has featured in national and international publication and in European research projects.

Collana: Scienze mediche
Curatore: Luciana Caenazzo
Edizione 2013
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Autore Luciana Caenazzo (a cura di)
Titolo New insights on Biobanks
ISBN 9788867871216
Collana Scienze mediche
Data Edizione 2013
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