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Two case studies in Mozambique and Tanzania

  • Autore: Palmeri P., Chase Sterne
  • ISBN: 8861290345
  • Collana: Collana di antropologia
  • Data Edizione: 2006
  • Numero pagine: 164
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Few books, if any books on HIV/AIDS, document the causes and consequences of the disease at the household level in rural Africa. Here, readers will find a lucid, down-to-earth description of the reality faced by rural people living with HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. This book provides a faithful account of the actual causes and consequences of the dissemination of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in agricultural communities of Tanzania and Mozambique. It addresses the impact of existing land tenure patterns on the spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as the impact of HIV/AIDS on land tenure patterns. The book distinguishes itself by taking a close look at the gender, population and migration questions that affect, and are affected by, HIV/AIDS - especially in relation to land tenure. Its clear and simple presentation of the facts in two fieldwork case-studies allows the reader to understand the changes the disease has brought to rural African landscapes and communities.

Paolo Palmeri is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Rome

Collana: Collana di Antropologia
Autore: Palmeri P., Chase Sterne
Edizione 2006
Stato: Disponibile


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