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Guide to the Italian Districts 2007-08

  • Autore: Italian Districts Federation
  • ISBN: 9788861291461
  • Collana: Scienze economiche
  • Data Edizione: 2007
  • Numero pagine: 256
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The Club of the Districts was established in Biella in 1994 with the aim of creating a dialogue between a set of productive chains by making them convey in a district.
With the years, the setting changed, often quite radically. The districts developed, becoming many and varied, and their status was acknowledged by institutions and local organisations. The term Club became then a bit narrow, as it did not convey the new need for expansion and growth. It was only natural to change its name in 2004, into Distretti Italiani, turning it into an association. In today's society's, though, everything runs fast, and so does industrial development. This is why a need emerged to change an attire that had already become too tight. The quantity, quality and work of the districts have spread extensively, coming to - as emerges from the various statistics - 239 units (all extensively illustrated in this Guide, which has already been revised and updated). (from the introduction by Paolo Terribile, President of Distretti Italiani)

Collana: Scienze economiche
Autore: Italian Districts Federation
Edizione 2007
Stato: Solo Presso Editore


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