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Ethics and climate change

Scenarios for Justice and Sustainability

  • Autore: Mascia Matteo Mariani Lucia
  • ISBN: 9788861295544
  • Collana: Scienze politiche
  • Data Edizione: 2010
  • Numero pagine: 402
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Climate change is one of the most challenging crisis affecting our planet and the future of our generations. The book presents a plurality of reflections and proposals aiming at facilitating the understanding of the climate change phenomenon and the complexity of the responses that have to be adopted in order to move forward the building up of a sustainable society. Great attention has been put on the ethical dimension of climate change, with the full knowledge that it is at this level of analysis and proposal that we need to look for those shared common principles with which to start an effective action simultaneously addressed to many government levels, diverse spheres of action and different actors. As for the objective of the argumentation, the ethical approach is favoured and, consequently, matters dealing with responsibility, justice, and human rights are strongly put forward.

The Fondazione Lanza – Center of Advanced Studies in Ethics, is a research center established in Padua (Italy) in 1988. Trough its three Projects (Ethics, Philosophy and Theology; Ethics and Medicine; Ethics and Environmental Policies), promotes research and studies in the field of ethics, particularly in Applied Ethics, organizes national and international meetings, educational courses and edits publications (www.fondazionelanza.it).

Matteo Mascia, Ph.D. in Human Rights University of Padova, Project Coordinator Ethics and Environmental Policies, Fondazione Lanza.
Lucia Mariani, Ph.D. in Geography University of Padova, Fondazione Lanza.

Collana: Scienze politiche
Autore: Mascia Matteo Mariani Lucia
Edizione 2010
Stato: Disponibile


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