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Resistant Arterial Hypertension

From Epidemiology to Novel Strategies of Treatment

  • Autore: Rossi Gian Paolo, Pessina Achille C.
  • ISBN: 9788861295919
  • Collana: Scienze mediche
  • Data Edizione: 2010
  • Numero pagine: 136
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Even though many effective drugs exist for the treatment of hypertension, the rate of patients whose blood pressure (BP) is poorly controlled remains enormous.
The WHO estimated that in 2001 13.5% of premature deaths worldwide could be attributed to hypertension, thus entailing 'a human tragedy on a planetary scale'. The ESH-ESC Guidelines define hypertension as 'resistant' when BP fails to reach the target goal despite implementation of the lifestyle measures and the prescription of adequate doses of 3 or more drugs, including a diuretic. This volume collects the lectures made at the ESH Satellite Symposium on Resistant Hypertension held in Padua in June 2009 by internationally known experts. It provides all physicians dealing with hypertensive patients with key information on how to correctly manage 'resistant' hypertension. It also furnishes updated knowledge on novel treatment options, as endothelin antagonists, baroreceptor therapy and renal artery denervation.

Gian Paolo Rossi and Achille Cesare Pessina are Professors of Internal Medicine at the University of Padua Medical School. They are authors of textbooks, chapters and several hundreds papers in the field of arterial hypertension.

Collana: Scienze mediche
Autore: Rossi Gian Paolo, Pessina Achille C.
Edizione 2010
Stato: Disponibile


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