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Alternative approaches to development

  • Autore: Michele Cangiani (a cura di)
  • ISBN: 9788861299238
  • Collana: Collana di antropologia
  • Data Edizione: 2012
  • Numero pagine: 160
  • Stato: disponibile
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After the crisis of the 1970s, the era of neoliberal ‘globalization’ superseded that of ‘development’. The present crisis makes us reflect on the distintive institutional features of these two periods, but also on the general traits and dynamics of our society.

The very ability of the market society to achieve human wellbeing and ‘co-evolutionary’ environmental equilibrium is challenged. Contrary to some tendencies in economics and development anthropology, the essays here presented consider cultural diversity and participatory democracy as important factors of an effective societal alternative.

Michele Cangiani is Associate Professor at the Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. His main field of research is the history and method of heterodox economic theories. Member of the Board of Directors, Karl Polanyi Institute (Montréal) and of the Editorial Board of the Forum for Social Economics. Recent publications include: “A Crisis of Freedom”, in Social Costs Today, ed. by P. Ramazzotti et al., Routledge, 2012; “Karl Polanyi’s Institutional Theory”, Journal of Economic Issues, XLV, 1, 2011.

This book deals with ‘development’ as a historical issue, considered both theoretically and in connection with the transition of our society from the postwar ‘golden age’ to neoliberal ‘globalization’. Also some cases are studied, suggesting possible alternatives. The essays the book consists of can make a useful, indeed inspiring reading for researchers and students in diverse fields – economics, political science, anthropology, and history. The book is as well to be recommended to operators involved in development plans – within international, governmental or nongovernmental organizations – and, more generally, to persons concerned about our future.

Kary Polanyi Levitt

Laura Fano Morrisey and Wendy Harcourt, Miro Marchi, Corinne Cendron, Paolo Palmeri, Michele Cangiani, Stefania Pinci, Serge Latouche

Collana: Collana di Antropologia
Curatore: Michele Cangiani
Edizione 2012
Stato: Disponibile


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