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Psychological values around the world

Proceedings 2010.

  • Autore: Anna Laura Comunian, Ann O'Roark, Ludwig F. Lowenstein
  • ISBN: 9788861297166
  • Collana: Scienze psicologiche
  • Data Edizione: 2012
  • Stato: disponibile
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The book represents a cross-cultural integration of theoretical models, empirical research and practical experiences of psychologists around the world.

This volume represent a sampling of the papers given at the Chicago 2010 Conference, Melbourne Summit and Padua Regional Meeting. The book is divided into three sections. The 68th Annual Conference of the International Council of Psychologists took place in Chicago Illinois, August 3-7. The theme of the Conference was “Psychological Values around the World”. The 2010 International Council of Psychologists World Peace Summit “International Relations and Human Rights” was presented as a program within the 27th Congress of the International Association of Applied Psychologists July 11-16 Melbourne, Australia. The 2010 Regional ICP Meeting takes place in University of Padua, Italy July 26-27. The book contains 50 papers of speakers from Australia, USA and Europe, in particular from Melbourne, from Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, New York and West Indies and from Austria, England, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Chicago 68th Convention
Melbourne World Peace Summit
Padua Regional Meeting

Collana: Scienze psicologiche
Curatori: Anna Laura Comunian, Ann O'Roark, Ludwig F. Lowenstein
Edizione 2012
Stato: Disponibile


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