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Methodological Perspectives on Second Language Prosody

Papers from ML2P 2012

  • Autore: Maria Grazia Busà, Antonio Stella (a cura di)
  • ISBN: 9788861299375
  • Collana: Glottologia, linguistica, lingue e letterature straniere
  • Data Edizione: 2012
  • Numero pagine: 110
  • Illustrato: in bianco e nero
  • Stato: disponibile
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L2 prosody has been the object of a growing interest in the recent years, as a result of an appreciation of its fundamental role in L2 interactions. Prosody not only conveys linguistic information, but also contributes to regulating discourse and provides indications about the speaker’s identity and emotional state. In L2 interactions, L2 prosody impacts on the perception of foreign accent, on the comprehensibility of the message, and on the image of the L2 speaker.

With the growing interest in prosodic studies, there has been an increase in the available software that can be used to study fundamental components of prosody. Likewise, methods have been developed that allow the description and modeling of intonation for research purposes. Certainly many facts and principles on the workings of L2 prosody have been accumulated over the years, but many fundamental questions are still left unanswered. L2 prosodic studies still lack a unifying theory, and common procedures and methods to deal with speakers’ L2 variation. The Methods in L2 Prosody (ML2P) workshop aimed at bringing together researchers working on L2 prosody to discuss topics related to all aspects of L2 prosody, but focusing in particular on the experimental methods used to collect and analyze different types of data (acoustic, articulatory, perceptual). Participants came from many parts of Europe as well as from Canada. The discussion contributed to the common goal of strengthening the bases of the field of L2 prosody and learning more about second language acquisition processes. Hopefully, we will continue the discussion in other venues and times.

Many people contributed to the success of the workshop. We want to thank the members of the scientific committee, Cinzia Avesani, Anna De Meo, Barbara Gili Fivela, and Massimo Pettorino, for helping us select the papers that were included in the Workshop. Many thanks also to Giulia

Brigato, Hiroshi Kubo, Luca Rognoni, Martina Urbani, and Carla Xavier for their help in organizing the conference.

This volume reflects the wide range of methods and approaches used in second language prosody research. We hope that it will lead the way to more discussions aimed at finding a common ground for the experimental investigation of L2 prosody.


Collana: Glottologia, Linguistica, Lingue e letterature straniere
Autore: Maria Grazia Busà, Antonio Stella (a cura di)
Edizione 2012
Stato: Disponibile


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