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Fiction, Time & Agency

An Essay on the Language and Logic of Fiction-Making

  • Autore: Giuseppe Spolaore
  • ISBN: 9788861299788
  • Collana: Filosofia
  • Data Edizione: 2012
  • Numero pagine: 154
  • Stato: disponibile
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Fictional truth, or truth in fiction/pretense, has been the object of extended scrutiny among philosophers of language and logicians in the last decades. However relatively little attention has been paid to its relationships with time and human agency. Fiction, Time, and Agency is a contribution to fill this gap.

The main purpose of the book is to introduce a philosophical theory of fiction-making, understood as the exercise of agency and choice over what is fictionally true across time. In the process, a number of intriguing linguistic and philosophical issues, including the role of context in storytelling, the nature of role-playing and the creation of fictional characters, are discussed and accounted for.

Giuseppe Spolaore is now lecturer in Logic at the Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology of the University of Verona, where he has also taught courses on the Philosophy of Language and Argumentation Theory. His main research interests are in the philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and the theory of literature.

Collana: Filosofia
Autore: Giuseppe Spolaore
Edizione 2012
Stato: Disponibile


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