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Space Geodesy at the University of Padova


  • Autore: Alessandro Caporali
  • ISBN: 9788867875665
  • Collana: Scienze della terra
  • Data Edizione: 2016
  • Illustrato: a colori
  • Stato: Disponibile presso Dipartimento di Geoscienze dell'Università di Padova
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The thirty years elapsed since the Scientific Congress held in 1986 in Padova in honour of the late Prof. Giuseppe Colombo have been dense of significant steps forward in Space Sciences and Applications. The University of Padova has been on the frontline in many of the most challenging projects, at the national and international level. Among them, the field of Space Geodesy has shown how satellite techniques can help in improving our knowledge of the Earth and of dynamic processes in its interior, and also how to develop innovative, satellite based instrumentation and services without requiring specific satellite missions, but rather using satellites already existing, such as GPS. This book describes the highlights of the intriguing and still developing field of Space Geodesy at the University of Padova, as the original GPS satellites are being complemented by additional constellations from Russia, Europe, China, Japan and India, and field receivers are becoming less expensive, more precise and of more widespread deployment and use.

Presentations Foreword

Collana: Scienze della terra
Autore: Alessandro Caporali
Edizione: 2016
Stato/info: Dipartimento di Geoscienze dell'Università di Padova


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