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Theories of Nature

Ethnographies from Latvia

  • ISBN: 9788854953291
  • Collana: Encounters Book Series 2
  • Data Edizione: 2020
  • Numero pagine: 108
  • Stato: disponibile
  • A cura di: Paride Bollettin

The chapters of this book are the result of an ethnographic effort of mapping the variability of “nature” in the lived experiences and in thinking, starting from the Republic of Latvia. The ethnographic perspective lets a variety of lives and thoughts to emerge from the polysemy of this concept. In this way, they offer the reader to merge in this multifaceted panorama. Facing current environmental crises and the insurgence of ontological, epistemological and ethical alternatives to the current hegemonic vision, this is an innovative book. It presents interdisciplinary and intriguing proposals along the chapters. Produced together with the other volume “Teorias da Natureza: Etnografias da Bahia”, it is a work that certainly will stimulate a great interest among specialists and widely among all that are interested in understanding the varieties of ways of living and thinking the “human” and the “nature”.

Paride Bollettin is Visiting Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Anthropology of the Federal University of Bahia and Honorary Research Fellow of the Department of Anthropology of the Durham University. Main areas of research are Indigenous Ethnology and Anthropology of Science. Author of numerous papers and books, he published with Cleup the books “Identità e Trasformazione”, “Lévi-Strauss visto dal Brasile” and the trilogy “Etnografie Amazzoniche”.

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Collana: Encounters Book Series 2
Curatori: Paride Bollettin
Edizione 2020
Stato: Disponibile


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