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Lectures on Neuroanatomy

A Morpho-Functional and Clinical Approach

  • Autore: Raffaele De Caro
  • ISBN: 9788854953536
  • Collana: Scienze mediche
  • Data Edizione: 2021
  • Numero pagine: 368
  • Illustrato: a colori
  • Stato: disponibile
  • Formato: 17x24

The following textbook is intended as an agile and schematic tool for neuroanatomy students that allows for a detailed, yet practical, approach to Neuroanatomy, one of the most complex and constantly evolving fields of Anatomy and Neuroscience. The continuous development of new techniques for the investigation of the nervous system, spanning from ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging to molecular methods, requires a solid knowledge of its morphological and functional organization. For this purpose, the textbook approaches the morphological organization of the nervous system from both a functional and clinical perspective, allowing for an easy understanding of the functions of each structure with direct and practical application through clinical and pathological examples.
The iconography derives from the anatomo-clinical practice of the authors applied to neuropathological and medico-legal investigation, showcasing both macroscopical specimen as well as anatomo-microscopical preparations. The textbook is further enriched by the drawings and schemas performed during lectures on the chalkboards of the Aula Falloppio, the Anatomical Theather of the Institute of Human Anatomy in Padova.

Raffaele De Caro
Full Professor in Human Anatomy
Director of the Department of Neuroscience
University of Padova

Veronica Macchi - Sergio Galli - Carla Stecco - Cinzia Tortorella
Aron Emmi - Andrea Porzionato - Diego Guidolin - Giovanna Albertin
Edgardo Picardi - Rafael Boscolo Berto


ISBN: 9788854953536
Collana: Scienze mediche
Autore: Raffaele De Caro
Edizione 2021
Stato: disponibile


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