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Translational Mobility Medicine

Dreams, hopes, frustrations

  • Autore: Ugo Carraro
  • ISBN: 9788854956094
  • Collana: Scienze mediche
  • Data Edizione: 2022
  • Numero pagine: 594
  • Illustrato: a colori
  • Stato: disponibile
  • Formato: cm 17x24

I summarized in this book my experiences as a teacher and scientist, who spent more than 60 years at the University of Padua, Italy. The readers will find in the 15 Chapters, the beginning of my research activities and the serendipitous events of my dedication to denervation-reinnervation and death-regeneration of skeletal muscles and their electrical stimulation in animal models and patients. On the way, other scientists and clinicians with my own interests contacted me. Some collaborations provided exciting results, the majority frustrations. Nevertheless, this is the normal ratio in Translational Studies from Basic Science to Medicine: many preliminary exciting results end in failure, in particular those more original and promising. The majority of my dreams ended in disappointments, but I continue to think that it is more than enough to have dreams and the great fortune to test them by rigorous scientific approaches. This is why the book will end, though I will be 80-years-young the February 23, 2023, with a short series of my unending dreams.
Here I thank the many young and old persons who inspired, supported and collaborated with me, including the editorial assistants of PAGEpress, the Italian publisher of the European Journal of Translational Myology. Some of the supporters, collaborators and pupils have been kind enough to send me their CVs upon my invitation. But many others I have not been able to contact them or have had very little to share with them other than unpleasant memories. The list is very long, but I hope that CLEUP will accept a few more pages. I apologies for any missing names. They weren’t deliberate omissions.
Finally, thanks to CLEUP. Indeed, I am very happy to print this book with the Publisher of the Proceedings of the first International Scientific Conference that I organized in 1985 in Abano Terme, my hometown, a long time ago.
Ugo Carraro

Il volume è gratuitamente disponibile per il download in formato PDF

ISBN: 9788854956094
Collana: Scienze mediche
Autore: Ugo Carraro 
Edizione: 2022
Stato: Disponibile


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