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Editorial Direction
Paride Bollettin, Universidade Federal da Bahia
Donatella Schmidt, Università degli Studi di Padova

Editorial Board
Charbel Niño El-Hani, Universidade Federal da Bahia
David Ludwig, Wageningen University
Joana Setchell, University of Durham
Klavs Sedlenieks, Riga Stradins University
Laura Graham, University of Iowa
Raoni Bernardo Valle, Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará

Encounters Book Series
The book series “Encounters” aims at producing cross-fertilizations in
current knowledge practices. The proposal of a four-field anthropology,
whose goal is to promote the dialogue between sub-fields of the discipline,
seems as much as a necessary starting point in current times of increasing
disciplinary specialization. The development of high-specialized debates
inside specific disciplinary panoramas often inhibits the possibility to
open toward alternative point of view. Therefore, to effectively bridging
disciplinary gaps an exercise of boundaries crossing should begin with
the encounter with other perspectives. The Encounters book series accepts
to face the unknown and unexpected, in order to move beyond the usual
disciplinary borders. Possibilities opened from multiple encounters enable to
rethink onto-epistemic-ethical-methodological borders in order to open up
new and surprising paths and directions. In this direction, this book series
wants to offer a platform to stimulate reciprocal encounters between diverse
field works, between multiple disciplines, and between knowledge practices.


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